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CW61125 horizontal lathe price, CW62125 lathe manufacturer

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CW61125 lathe
CW61125 horizontal lathe price, CW62125 lathe manufacturer,In the ultrasonic machining of hard alloy, hard alloy, hard alloy material,CW61125 horizontal lathe price, CW62125 lathe manufacturer, the processing speed is low and the tool loss is large. In order to improve the processing speed and reduce the tool wear, ultrasonic machining can be combined with other processing methods. For example, the use of ultrasonic and electrochemical or electric discharge machining method to process the nozzle, the spinneret orifice or narrow gap, can greatly improve the processing speed and quality. Milling machines,LathesThe commonly used composite processing methods include ultrasonic electrochemical machining, CAK6163 CNC lathe,ultrasonic machining, ultrasonic modulation laser drilling, ultrasonic vibration cutting and so on. The composite processing method, learn from each other due to the working principle of two types and various processing methods together, CW61125 horizontal lathe price, CW62125 lathe manufacturer,so that the processing efficiency, machining precision and surface quality are significantly improved.Can be customized according to customer requirements:
Specification model   CW61125
CW61125 horizontal lathe price, CW62125 lathe manufacturer,The maximum diameter of the rotating bed mm 1250
Maximum rotary diameter of machine tool mm 1400
Maximum length of workpiece mm 1500,3000,4000,5000-15000
Rotary diameter / effective width in saddle groove mm 1300/310
Diameter of the through hole of the main shaft and its shaft head type mm 104; D11 (B Series) 130; D11 (C Series)
Spindle through hole of the front end of the cone and the top taper mm Phi 120 (B Series) Phi 140 (C Series) Morse No. 5
Spindle speed series and spindle speed range r/min 18 kinds of 4.8-640
Longitudinal feed series and longitudinal feed range mm/r 64 kinds of 0.05-24.3
Range 1:1 mm/r 0.1-1.52
Range value 16:1 mm/r 1.6-24.3
Micro feed range of exchange gear of machine tool mm/r 0.06-0.912
Ratio of horizontal and vertical feed   1/2
Bed saddle fast moving velocity mm/min 4000
Lead screw pitch ofmachine tool mm 12 (Metric) 1/2 "(Inch)
Metric thread type, range mm 50 kinds of 1-240 (another 14 non-standard thread)
Number and range of withworth thread   26种 14 - 1 t.p.i
The range of modulus and modulus of screw threads number mm 53 kinds of 0.5-120
The machine diametral threads number and range   24 kinds of DP 28-1
The maximum horizontal stroke of the lower tool post mm 500
The maximum travel of the upper tool carrier mm 200
Tail sleeve stroke mm 250
Tail sleeve taper   Morse No. 5
The bed rail width and its quenching hardness mm 600RC52
Main motor power kW 11or15
Fast motor power kW 1.1
Cooling pump motor power w 90
Machine tool width * height / width * height mm 1550×1630/
Length of machine tool length / packing box    
Maximum length of workpiece    
750 mm  
1500 mm 3700/3900
2000 mm  
3000 mm 5250/5400
4000 mm 6250/6450
CW61125 horizontal lathe price, CW62125 lathe manufacturer,5000 mm 7250/7630
Machine tool net weight    
Maximum length of workpiece    
750 mm  
1500 mm 5500/6350
2000 mm  
3000 mm 6100/7250
4000 mm 6700/8150
5000 mm 7500/9200
CW61125 horizontal lathe price, CW62125 lathe manufacturer,The width of the bed mm 600
Max capacity kg 2000
Quality:The casting of the workpiece is performed by the gb9439-88 standard,Tempering treatment method,The hardness of the guide rail reaches HRC52,High frequency quenching process,The gear is made of hardened steel.after-sale service:Three packages in accordance with national standards,According to the national standard implementation of three packs of standards, repair, replacement or return.Source from: